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As you surf around you will encounter no shortage of web-based companies selling a huge range of gay travel product, most of which seems to be either cruise-related, "fly-and-flop" air and hotel packages to mainstream holiday resort areas, or packages built around the big gay circuit events.

Though we love a good party as much as the next person, our tours are first and foremost about the human and natural history, culture, music and art of our destinations.

We strike that delicate balance between organized sightseeing and well-placed free time for independent exploration, or for just soaking in the atmosphere of a special place, perhaps with that special someone.


Most web-based operators also just act as booking agents for other companies' products—where's the personal touch? Where's the first-hand experience?

Outgoing Adventures researches, designs, markets and executes its own tours. We have 20 years' experience in the small-group travel biz; when you e-mail or call us, you are going straight (so to speak) to the source.