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Chris Tripodi
Education: Instead of the 3 R's, Chris studied the 3 M's; Math, Music & Maps. University for Mathematics. College for Music. Travel for Understanding.
Language: Chris spent the pandemic era taking Spanish, Italian & French lessons, learned the Cyrillic & Arabic alphabets, and is currently inspired to improve his Greek vocabulary in order to impress η νονά του στο Ροδος.
Countries Visited: 80%. I need a new passport every 20 months.
Tours Led: Chris has not led tours to Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, or Grenada. But he has led tours in over 110 of the remaining countries.
Favourite Destination: There it has always been, where he has never been.
About Me: Chris travels because it is the most interesting thing he can think of doing between meals. Anyone can buy a plane ticket, but helping a country come alive through its people, sights, culture, cuisine and customs is what Adventures Abroad is all about. Chris enjoys the inevitable challenges, the unforgettable moments, the warm people, the stories shared, the memories made, and every single morsel of each tour.

Diego Vidal
Education: National Tour Guiding and Tourism Management; Naturalist Guide with a mention in Taxonomy and Ornithology; Exchange Student in Senior Year at Saint Fulgence College in Quebec, Canada.
Language: Spanish, English and French.
Tours Led: Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
Favourite Destination: Ecuador because of the amazing variety of landscapes, people, weather, fauna and flora; Peru and Bolivia for their colourful markets, ancient history and the majesty of the Andes.

James Bodnarchuk
Education: Shortly after James finished his BA in Psychology and English Language he developed a passion for gardening which led to further studies in Horticulture and then Botany as a lab assistant. He frequently uses the world as his classroom to learn about ancient civilizations, geography, ecology, and history as he travels.
Language: English with lots of practice using nonverbal communication and gestures to charade his way through the rest of the world.
Countries Visited: 40+ countries across 5 Continents (and counting!)
Tours Led: Throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East and Central Asia; including everything from Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Greece.
Favourite Destination: Nature 1) Galapagos's marine wonderland 2) Namibia's harsh deserts 3) South America's lush Iguazu Waterfalls 4) Patagonia's frigid glaciers 5) South Africa's self-drive safari parks Cities 1) Beauty of Vancouver, Canada (home) 2) Nature within Cape Town, South Africa 3) History in Berlin, Germany 4) Authenticity of La Paz, Bolivia 5) Culture of Kyoto, Japan Ancient World 1) Petra - the ancient Nabatean capital city 2) Mayan carvings of Copan, Honduras 3) The endless ancient antiquities of Egypt 4) Mysteries of the Nazca Lines, Peru 5) The sprawling temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
About Me: James' insatiable wanderlust is satisfied each year between seasonal jobs at home in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. In the summertime he works outdoors as a beach lifeguard and in the winter he works in an urban forest spreading holiday cheer. Happiest while outside and exploring, he is excited to have the whole world as his workplace as an International Tour Leader for Adventures Abroad.

Lorna Lissner
Education: Ongoing.
Language: English and some Spanish.
Tours Led: Adriatic, Caucasus, Baltic States, Italy, Turkey, Ethiopia, North Africa, Middle East, Central and South America
Favourite Destination: I love to travel anywhere that is off the beaten trail...Yemen, Columbia, Ladakh and Ethiopia have been a few of my favourites of my recent travels. Drinking butter tea with newly made friends in Ladakh or learning new ways to set a sail in Turkey make this job one of the best you could dream of.
About Me: Lorna has been with Adventures Abroad for over 15 years, working both as a Tour Leader and a destination specialist in the office.

Peter Barathan
Education: Business & Sports Management.
Language: English, passable French, slowly learning Afrikaans and Zulu.
Countries Visited: Almost a member of the 'Century Club', with extensive travel throughout Europe, the Middle East, Southern Africa and South East Asia.
Tours Led: Peter has led tours for Adventures Abroad in over 70 countries; spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.
Favourite Destination: Each country provides something unique, but I like to get off the beaten path and find raw, authentic experience. So far, it’s been hard to get any more raw and authentic than Kavieng, Papua New Guinea.
About Me: Peter was raised on the seven seas, cruising from port to port with his family. After visiting 50+ countries before the age of 10, he settled and grew up in Vancouver. During and after University, Peters various jobs always involved international travel, which maintained his passion for exploring the world and learning other cultures. He currently resides in South Africa with his wife and kids.